"Every song is a singular joy. Not only do they deserve to become free-standing classics, each piece expands on a dramatic plot point to build crucial characterisation … the musical has become an expertly-crafted experience on every level … It is constructed with a slick balance between tongue-in-cheek parody, and loving tribute to a more innocent era. No detail has been left to chance. Furthermore, the show’s wide-reaching potential has something for everyone …. In its present form, Electric Dreams could for all intents and purposes tour right now. Hot on the heels of local success stories like Priscilla – Queen of The Desert, Strictly Ballroom, and Muriel’s Wedding, this latest addition to the Australian musical theatre landscape more than deserves a place at the table.”  

- theatrepeople.com.au

“Featuring a brilliantly catchy score with 22 original songs and an exceptional cast, this is a joyride you cannot miss … What a jewel in the crown this production is … Everything falls perfectly into place to entertain, make you chuckle and keep your eyes peeled so as not to miss a single delicious movement or moment of this great Aussie production. DON'T MISS IT!” -  weekendnotes.com.au

“The music is instantly accessible, cleverly and seamlessly picking up on the synthesiser tones of the movie’s hit song “Together in Electric Dreams” (by Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder). The score is well balanced, generally moving the storytelling along and keeping energy high with ensemble numbers. Edgar’s composition “That’s Love” is a charming highlight, with another being “Love is What We’re Made of,” as friends Frank and Millie counsel a heartbroken Madeline. … “ - Simon Parris, maninachair.com.au

“Lane has achieved something spectacular with this show, allowing the audience to feel like each musical number is another favourite song of theirs from the 80’s, but at the same time injecting them with such exciting and fresh originality. … Music Theatre Melbourne’s Electric Dreams is just the ultimate good time. It’s catchy show tunes and memorable characters made for one of the funnest nights I’ve had at the theatre all year.”  - theatretravels.com.au

“… the show does achieve the hardest thing in musical theatre – a natural flow between action and song, so the music becomes an inevitable extension of the dialogue … Electric Dreams remains a bubbly homage to a classic '80s cultural moment.” - The Age Newspaper

"Just went to see People’s Playhouse Inc production of an original new work by writer composer Drew Lane.  From the opening moment my breath was taken away … This show has everything that I love about community theatre … David Krause and his team have bought this beautiful story to life in a visual spectacular for the eyes ears and heart.  I cannot recommend this show highly enough for young and old. ” - Michelle Thomas

Hands down this was awesome! These kids are amazing!! What an incredible show, amazing costumes, awesome set!! Wow just wow!!” - Sandy Grace

What an amazing display of young talent! The costumes & sets were fantastic! The songs were great to listen to, can’t fault this new original production! Can’t wait to see more from this writer & this theatre company.” - Debbie Bear.

“…spent the whole show on the edge of our seats engaged to the story and tapping along to the songs.” - Amelia Bicknell