Drew Lane began playing piano at age four and composing musicals at 15. He attended the Ballarat Academy of Performing Arts, honing his skills, and went on to have his musical Atlantis performed as part of the Ballarat Opera Festival in 1996. Since then, he has written and had staged more than 30 musicals, contributed incidental music to various productions and been involved in numerous recordings and live performances.

In 2000, Drew received a Georgie Award for “Best New Musical” for The Odyssey.  His musical Marking Life won a Burke award in 2007 and was then showcased at the 2010 Festival of Broadway in Tasmania, overseen by Stephen Schwartz.  In 2012, his youth musical Somewhere To Fight For toured country Victoria, winning an Australia Day Award for “Event Of The Year (Ararat Region)”. 

In 2014 Drew completed his Masters Degree in Performing Arts with Distinctions and received the ‘Executive Dean’s Award’.  His musical Final Words was chosen in 2015 to be part of Fusion Theatre’s “The Seven” and was professionally staged in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In 2017, The White Mouse - a collaboration with bookwriter/lyricist Christine Croyden - was chosen for presentation at the Hayes Theatre Sydney for New Musical Australia.  

His latest musical, Electric Dreams, was staged by Musical Theatre Melbourne at Gasworks in November 2019, to rave reviews!  Further, The Tree Of Life garnered a series of nominations and awards from its season with People’s Playhouse in Frankston Victoria.

Drew’s composition style draws on influences from across genres and eras, combining memorable melodies with lush arrangements.  He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and three sons.